A Life in the Theatre http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/ A Life in the Theatre Juliette as Catherine in 'Arms and the Man' Juliette says' I loved playing Catharine in this brilliant play by Shaw. I always remember we were in Swindon, and I was in my make up minus wig, a crinolin minus the dress and there was a knock at my dressing room door. This was after the 'half' on the first night. My daughter walked in, accompanied by a very tall, very good looking guy, and she said 'This is Ray'. I then adopted my very best, Jewish mother attutude, and said "how do you do, so pleased to meet you and what do you do for a living?' They both reeled back in shock, but now 21 years they're the proud parents of my granddaughter Georgie. http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144274245 144274245 Juliette as Grandma and Queenie, in 'The Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4' Juliette remembers 'As i was playing twp parts in this marvelous play by Sue Townsend, one very dowdy, and one very over glamorous and very drunk, I was working out how to approach them, when I suddenly remembered the mother of a great friend of ours. She was one of these ladies who when slightly inebriated, but always glamorous, would put 'h' s were they weren't meany to be,. and forget them where they were meant to be. For example 'I've honly got alf an our-er, my 'at slipped hover my 'ead' http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144272102 144272102 Juliette as Dotty and Richard Pocock in Noises Off (1988) Juliet says 'I played Dotty the lead in this amazing comedy by Michael Freyn. Dotty invariably comes on with sardines or newspapers. I was so terrified that I did a crib sheet that I stuck on the flat before I went on, with my cue, my props, and my first line. All went fine in Act I, but those of you who know 'Noises Off' know the set is reversed in Act II, and I was gazing from the wings at my crib sheet which was on the other side of the stage, very visible to the audience. I nearly wet myself with fear - thankfully all went to plan, apart from the time I brought a plate of sardines which had been glued to the plate, rather than free to drop on the floor http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144274246 144274246 Juliette as Dottie Otley with Geoffrey Swann in 'Noises Off''' Juliet says 'In the second act of Noises Off, which is behind the scenes and played in total silence, there is a scene of absolute mayhem. My only fear was that the axe that was being handed from person to person, was actually going to split my skull. The choreography of that incident was so brilliant that I retained my skull, if not my brain. http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144277004 144277004 Juliette as Mrs Prentice in Joe Orton's 'What the Butler Saw' (1988) Juliette remembers 'I was supposed to be wearing nothing underneath the fur coat in this shot. While we were on tour, Alan Bell who directed 'Last of the Summer Wine' came to seeit, and remarked to me afterwards, 'You can crawl on my table anytime you like, like that !' I wondered then if Pearl had been miscast. While I loved playing sexy parts, the stilettos killed my feet !' http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144274247 144274247 Juliette as Mrs Prentice in 'What the Butler Saw' (1988) Juliette says We were on stage in Redhill, playing a slightly fraught domestic when one of the cast grabbed me to shake me, and instead of grabbing my arms, grabbed my ribcage. I heard the snap as a rib broke, but like trouper I was I kept going. After the show I was taken to St George's Hospital in Tooting, where I sat from 11pm to 3 am, waiting to be seen in absolute agony and then I decided I needed my sleep before the next night's performance, so I went home and thought that menthol cigarettes rather than my normal ones might help me breathe.' http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144275090 144275090 Juliette as Mrs Prentice in 'What the Butler Saw' (1988) http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144274250 144274250 Juliette as Delia in 'Bedroom Farce' (1988) Juliette says 'Bedroom Farce' was the first time that anyone had paid my plane fare as we took it Jersey. I thought I'd really made it, however I'd have preferred the plane to be going to Hong Kong or Dubai, but Jersey was very pleasant. While there I did go to the zoo and ask where they kept the cage of the lesser spotted millionaire, the lady gave me a very peculiar look - I rest my case. http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144274249 144274249 Juliette as Delia in 'Bedroom Farce' (1988) Juliette says I also remember, while in Jersey, it was the time of the Flower Festival and they also had a flyover of all the planes they could get from World War II, and I remember sitting on a hill, by myself, watching those planes, and I got quite emotional. I'd hate to have to speak German..... http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144274248 144274248 Juliette as Delia in 'Bedroom Farce' http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144275091 144275091 Juliette as Delia in 'Absurd Person Singular' Juliet says 'I was always a massive fan of Alan Ayckbourn, because he took three different couples in three different situations and molded them so the production became a complete whole. We look at ourselves and realise that we are indeed individually the absurd person. http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144277005 144277005 Juliette in 'Ten Little Indians' (1987) Juliet says 'This was a joy for me, I was toltally in awe of the cast, people like Valentine Dyall, and Nicholas Smith who I subsequently played panto with, and who guested occasionally on Last of the Summer Wine. As I was local, I invited the whole cast over for lunch, and a swim, and I remember Nicholas chasing me around the pool - I rest my case ! http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144277006 144277006 Juliette as Maxine in 'Stepping Out' (1989) Juliette remembers 'In the two weeks of rehearsal, I lost a stone and a half. Why ? I'd forgotten how to tap dance and spent hours practicing. Anita Harris, with whom I'd gone to drama school, and I would get together to learn lines, but my biggest memory was Irving Davis who did the choreography. http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144277007 144277007 Juliette as Mrs Baker in 'Come Blow your Horn' (1988) Juliette remember 'I was asked to go for this audition just after my husband had died. I'd taken over his business and was running a gift shop. I remember thinking as I went over, that there was no way I could take the part if they offered it to me. They didn't offer it to me, they simply handed me the script, playing opposite Charles Vance, in the kind of play for which I'm a natural - a new York Jewish. It involved a one and a half page solo speech on the phone, and just before we opened, I did my usual thing of going to the Assistant Stage Manager, and saying 'I'm not proud, if I dry, give the prompt loud and clear', to which he replied, 'we don't prompt in performance, if you get stuck, get yourself out of it.' I tried not to wet myself this time, so for that period of time, for rehearsals, I was driving to Folkestone, coming back to serve in the shop afterwards, for performances, I was working in the shop all day and driving to Folkestone for the show. It was a marvellous way after a bereavement to get back to doing what I loved to do, and I was a loust shopkeeper anyway! ' http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144279449 144279449 Juliette in Rose This was an amateur production of a play by Andrew Davis, whose work I absolutely adore. I love the way he understands the vagueries of human nature. While I'm known for playing comedy, and always get offered comedy roles, as a classically trained actress, I love stretching myself, and this part was an absolute joy. http://www.juliettekaplan.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=144279450 144279450